children in Venezuela need humanitarian aid

We invite all the social leaders of the world, directors of NGO Activists defending human rights and the entire community and the general public with the desire to promote changes and generate social well-being to support Fundapden Venezuela, we are a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights in childhood made up of volunteers from all over society without distinction of profession or economic position we provide free legal advice and assistance to women victims of gender violence we protect the human rights of boys, girls and boys adolescents, also as part of our social activities we had a permanent program of assistance and accompaniment to children who are patients in the children's hospital and the children's oncology hospital, who in their first years of life fight against malnutrition and other serious diseases in the Anzoátegui state of Venezuela it is for the We come to you so that your heart listened to our request.
The humanitarian crisis aggravated by the global Covid-19 pandemic added to the inflationary socio-political crisis plus the high cost of medicines and food prevents us from continuing alone, this noble and disinterested human work is for this reason that we require your economic contribution and thus continue our voluntary program bringing some relief to the little ones

Be part of our humanitarian aid programs for children in Venezuela.

Everything I contributed is important to us and will be on our social networks.

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